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Taking the express train of precise nutrition, health food will enter the era of individuation

Taking the express train of precise nutrition, health food will enter the era of individuation

Precision nutrition, also known as personalized nutrition, is the best nutrition and health solution tailored for the general population, sub-health population and even chronic patients. It is a personalized nutrition intervention mode with precision to metabolism, cell and gene regulation. Its role is mainly in the disease before, but also in the whole process, personalized nutrition intervention, treatment of “disease” and cure the disease, so that more people with sub-health and chronic diseases can enjoy a healthy life. In recent years, with the progress of emerging technologies such as genomics, big data and artificial intelligence, the development of precision nutrition has been promoted, which also means that the era of personalized nutrition of health food is coming.

A number of nutrition companies have launched personalized nutrition products, which makes consumers feel that they have the right to decide the products. Nutrition is originally a very personal product, and everyone’s needs are different. This may mean that the “one size fits all” nutrition model will gradually decline.
Personalized nutrition market can be divided into several indicative health areas, including digestive and immune health, heart health, bone and joint health, cognitive health and beauty health. Personalized nutrition products, different from traditional nutrition products, are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, a large amount of individual information should be collected, then the individual nutrition assessment should be conducted, and finally the nutrition products (suggestions or services) should be produced. At present, many companies specializing in personalized nutrition or some large health enterprises have started the work of precision nutrition. Although the product focus of each company is different, the purpose is to serve consumers more accurately.
The personalized nutrition companies in foreign markets appear earlier, many enterprises are also growing up, and some enterprises have relatively mature product models. However, the domestic personalized nutrition company is in the initial stage of starting, layout and integration.

China’s nutrition market is a huge cake. Taking the express train of precise nutrition, health food will enter the era of personalization. Although the potential of personalized nutrition is huge, everyone is talking about how businesses can use the opportunities it creates to meet the needs of consumers. But at present, personalized nutrition has not completely conquered the public and has not entered the mainstream market. We can’t help thinking, what needs to be done to make personalized nutrition break through the siege of the small market and win the favor of the mass market? Improving consumer awareness, or changing legislation and policies, these methods can benefit the health industry, but from the perspective of the development of enterprises themselves, there are still more problems worthy of thinking and exploration.


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